People Are Sending Demand Letters And Then Filing Attorney General Complaints. Here's Why

The biggest upside of filing an attorney general complaint is not what most people think.

You would be surprised how many well-written demand letters go unanswered or dismissed--even demand letters written by well-paid attorneys.

The fact is, when your opponent does not see you (or your attorney, etc.) as a credible and immediate legal threat, it can be a challenge just to get a settlement negotiation started--which, for most people, is the ultimate goal when sending a demand letter.

We can see this exemplified when demand letter recipients either respond to your letter dismissively or do not respond at all, because, when that happens, you are left wondering, okay, what can I do now...short of just going to the courthouse to file a lawsuit?

In either scenario, filing a complaint with the attorney general in your state can be a good, strategic move--for several reasons which this article will discuss in detail...