[Screenshots] His Regus Contract Was Never Valid, And Now We Know Why

Just over a month after Tim signed a 24- month Regus agreement for an office space in Houston, Texas, he wanted out.

Many of the things the Regus salesperson had represented to Tim about the deal, Tim had since learned, were false; and the effect of those false representations was that the actual deal Tim found himself saddled with (for the next 2 years!) was far less attractive than the deal the salesperson had pitched to Tim.

Tim knew that the misrepresentations were "actionable" (as the lawyer's say...since Tim is a lawyer), but he was hoping to find something more akin to a loophole in the contract, which he figured he would be able to cite to terminate the contract with much less effort than raising a fraud claim against Regus (re: the salesperson's misrepresentations) might require.

He found such a loophole in two places in the Regus contract: