[Screenshots] These Emails Capture Exactly What's Wrong With Regus Late Fees

When Regus charges you a late fee, there are generally three lines of inquiry you should be going down.

  1. Whether your contract with Regus permits late fees and, if so, in which particular circumstances.
  2. Whether those circumstances ☝️ actually occurred in your case, to properly trigger late fees.
  3. Whether the amount of the late fee and the date on which Regus charged it comply with the terms of your contract with Regus (was the late fee too much, or charged too soon, for example?).

Regus late fees can be easy to beat (if you read this article).

In this article, we'll first scrutinize Regus's late fee practices through the lens of what the standard Regus agreement says.

Then, once those contract provisions are highlighted and understood, we'll look at a few example email exchanges between Regus staff and Regus customers (screenshots and quoted snippets)--all of which regard Regus late fees. That way, in addition to learning what the the standard Regus agreement says about late fees, you can also make two useful (and, really, rarely even possible) comparisons: (a) what the agreement says versus what Regus's staff says and (b) your late fee situation versus that of other Regus customers.