Regus Ordered To Pay Double Punitive Damages To Former Massachusetts Tenant

A former Regus tenant in Massachusetts sued Regus in small claims court and won $3,278.27.

The former tenant's claims against Regus were many, including unauthorized credit card charges, breach of contract, and violations of The Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act.

At trial, the judge considered the overwhelming evidence of misconduct by Regus and awarded the former tenant actual damages, punitive damages, costs, and interest. (Really, the judge all but threw the book at Regus with this award.)

Of particular note was the former tenant's multiple attempts to resolve the matter amicably with Regus before filing suit, and Regus's consistent indifference to the matter all the way until the end. (Indeed, Regus did not even bother showing up to the final hearing--perhaps having already realized that the judge was not on their side.) Eventually, that indifference came back to bite Regus big time, as the verdict in this case shows.

Of course, getting to that verdict took some strategy and effort. So, here's how he did it...